Using TV Content To Deliver Effective Digital Advertising Campaigns


Advertising and marketing technology has transformed the way in which agencies plan and buy media for their clients. But, with options limited to a small number of large tech platforms with similar offerings, it can be challenging for an agency to differentiate itself; many are on the lookout for affordable tools that, when combined with their unique skills, allow them to gain a competitive advantage.

We were approached by a major advertising agency that wanted to present new and innovative strategies for planning digital campaigns when pitching for a client, a national heart health charity.

The objective was to pinpoint the times when it would be most effective to run digital campaigns.  Our approach used relevant TV content to do the ‘heavy lifting’, putting the topic of health in the front of peoples’ minds and making them more likely to engage with online advertising activity.



Using our 7M Discovery tool, we carried out an overview of the UK’s TV landscape to identify the programmes that included relevant words and phrases. 

The analysis showed when, where and how often mentions of ‘heart disease’, along with other common health issues such as stress, mental health, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, occurred across all the live TV channels in the UK.



The report provided the agency with customised insight rooted in real broadcast data to show how its potential client could harness the TV agenda to ensure digital media advertising was as effective as possible.

The agency used the findings to create a digital media plan based on the timing and content of campaigns around the TV programmes most likely to engage the audience on the topic of their health.


TV content can strongly influence consumer behaviour.  Using in-depth analysis of broadcast data to identify the most effective times to run corresponding ads on digital channels is a powerful new tool for brands and agencies.

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