7M  Broadcaster Solution

Broadcasters sit on a wealth of TV data.

7M allows them to capture, process and analyse this information for the benefit of their business. 



7M’s Computer Vision technology captures every word that is uttered on TV so that its occurrence, context and value can be measured and analysed. 


Each word is classified to identify whether its source was a programme or ad break in order to separate paid mentions of a product or brand from organic ones.


This data is augmented with additional details about where the word occurred, with metadata labels including channel, time of day and programme genre. Broadcasters can further enrich the insight with additional metadata and third party data such as media ratings.


The data is presented in an open structured format that can be incorporated into a broadcaster’s existing databases, making it quick and easy to access. 



The enriched, accessible data provides broadcasters with the tools to learn more about the nuances of their content and put this knowledge to practical use to enhance their business and increase their revenue streams.


This includes offering advertising partners more advanced targeting options through the creation of their own, unique audience profiles; in addition, by providing advertisers with data-based insight about the TV moments that align most closely with their brand they are able to enhance brand safety.


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